Listed below are questions that you might have concerning your SBDNC Apparel purchase. If any questions that you might have has gone unanswered, please contact SBDNC Apparel directly at info@sbdncapparel.com.

1. I've purchased my order. What are the next steps?

Whenever your purchase is confirmed with SBDNC Apparel, your order is automatically received and processed for shipping. Once processed, the order is prepared for shipment; a complimentary tracking number is provided for the you as the customer through the email address that was used when purchased.

2. How long is processing and shipment?

SBDNC Apparel is a "made to order" brand that processes the order in 3-5 business days and shipped in 1- 2 business days. When an order is delayed, you will be notified immediately when the order will be available. If the order is on backorder, you will be notified immediately and given the option to either cancel or proceed with the order.

3. Is there an Expedited Shipping available?

Yes, we do offer expedited shipping. In order to better serve you, please order between Monday-Thursday. All orders made on Friday-Sunday are processed on the Monday going into the new week.

4. I've received my order and I'm unsatisfied with my purchase. How can I go by rectifying the situation? Do you offer a return? Do you offer exchanges?

At this time SBDNC Apparel does honor any exchanges that are requested by the customer. The product has to be returned in like new condition (at the expense of SBDNC Apparel) and a new order will be created for the customer and shipped. We do not honor returns with refund at this time. However, we will be adding the feature in the near future.

5. My package has not been delivered? What are the next steps?

We at SBDNC Apparel do ship all orders based on the provided address that is captured at the point of sale. However, if your order has not been delivered in the proper manner, SBDNC Apparel will honor a replacement item BUT after 15 business days of contacting your local USPS distribution and filing a missing claim.

6. How can I showcase my SBDNC Apparel purchase?

Just tag us on Instagram or Facebook with the SBDNC Apparel platforms or email your picture to info@sbdncapparel.com.

7. What if you don't offer my size? Is there a way I can request that size?

SBDNC Apparel branded merchandise is custom made and extended sizes can be accommodated for the purchasing customer. Customer must email info@sbdncapparel.com before the initial order.

8. I ordered a sweatshirt. I'm afraid I might have ordered the wrong size. Can I exchange?

Absolutely! We have not problem exchanging the sweatshirt for you. However, you can request a different size up to 24 hours after your order has been placed. Please contact us via email or phone call at 404-946-1842.

9. I've purchased a hand designed hoodie/t-shirt/sweatshirt. When will my item ship?

Customized apparel is processed in 8-10 business days and are shipped within 1-2 business days?

10. I've purchased a hand designed handbag. When will my item ship?

Customized handbags are processed in 12-15 business days and are shipped within 1-2 business days.

11. I'm trying to use the promo code on my order and it's not working. What should I do?

Please notify SBDNC Apparel via email IMMEDIATELY at info@sbdncapparel.com. One of our trained staff members will get right on to make sure your shopping experience with us amazing! If you haven't received a response in 24 hours, please contact our business line at (404) 946-1842 and leave a detailed message.

12. I may have not have put the right address on my order. How do I receive my package?

In the event that you have placed the wrong address on your order, if the order hasn't shipped, please notify us IMMEDIATELY at info@sbdncapparel.com so that we can correct that address for you. If the order has already been shipped, or is in route to our facility, you are responsible to pay a $8-$10 shipping fee to have the package reshipped to you. Unlike major cooperations who have a set budget for these types of mistakes, SBDNC Apparel is a small company thriving to gain the status, both financially and business wise, of a major cooperation, as well. Mistakes are costly and we understand how this could be considered an inconvenience. However, we highly encourage all shoppers to be careful when placing an order in our store. 

13. I placed my order but I didn't apply a discount code to my order. What should I do now?

If you have already placed your order in our store, please understand that your transaction is closed and the status is changed to processing and later prepared for shipping. You can very well request a store credit for the difference of the discount code that can be used at a later date in our store; however, once the transaction has been completed, the transaction is closed out and the order is prepared for shipment.

14. How do I apply for a position at SBDNC Apparel?

Please forward all inquiries to info@sbdncapparel.com!

15. I am a blogger and would like to collaborate with SBDNC Apparel. What is the best way to contact your brand?

Please send all collaboration requests to info@sbdncapparel.com. You'll receive an email in a timely manner with the final decision.