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Returned Address on Apparel

In the event that you have placed the wrong address on your order, if the order hasn't shipped, please notify us IMMEDIATELY at info@sbdncapparel.com so that we can correct that address for you.

If the order has already been shipped, or is in route to our facility, you are responsible to pay a $10-$20 reshipping fee to have the package reshipped to you. A customer cannot ask for a refund if this action happens. Please make sure that you're placing the correct address on your package and full details for the USPS mail carriers. 

Unlike major cooperations who have a set budget for these types of mistakes, SBDNC Apparel is a small company thriving to gain the status, both financially and business wise, of a major cooperation, as well. Mistakes are costly and we understand how this could be considered an inconvenience. However, we highly encourage all shoppers to be careful when placing an order in our store.