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Holiday Processing & Shipping 2021 (11/25 - 01/03)

All orders purchased before Black Friday will be processed during the normal 5-7 business days. 

There is NO GUARANTEE that Black Friday orders will be shipped on or before December 25. If you're needing items for the Christmas holiday, please purchase before the Black Friday/Anniversary sale. 

All orders placed during the Black Friday/Anniversary sale will be subjected to 10-15 business day processing and up to 5 business day with shipping due to the high volume of orders being placed during the commercial retail season.

For all orders placed DURING and AFTER the Black Friday retail season (Black Friday - January 3, 2022):

  • NO ORDER IS ELIGIBLE FOR EXPEDITED PROCESSING AND SHIPPING. If you're needing an item from our online store collection at a specific time, please order during non promotional times to guarantee a speedily processing and shipping (October 26-November 20).
  • NO ORDER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE NEXT ORDER. Please understand that SBDNC Apparel values every order that is purchased with our online store and every customer that shops with our online store. However, all orders will be treated fairly no matter the dollar amount spent with our online store. All customers will be treated fairly. Please refrain from using any derogatory language with any email or phone call regarding your order or using any tone with any staff member that is not respectable. During holiday times, we work diligently to get every order out in a timely fashion and with accuracy.
  • FRAUD IS PROHIBITED. Any form of fraud will result in a "flagged" account and no order will be shipped to the flagged address at any time after the incident. 
  • IF YOU DO NOT APPLY A DISCOUNT CODE TO YOUR ORDER, WE CAN ONLY REFUND THE PERCENTAGE AMOUNT ON A GIFT CARD. Due to the stipulations of Merchant Protection, we cannot alter the form of payment with any order made on our online store. We, at a courtesy, will place any discounted amount on a store credit e-card (gift card) to use with our online store at any time. We are asking you to carefully shop with our online store so that you're getting the best deal possible with the initial transaction. 
  • TWO DISCOUNT CODES CANNOT BE APPLIED AT CHECKOUT. Any percentage off and free shipping discount codes cannot be added together at check-out. You have the option of getting a discount and having to pay for shipping OR you have the option of paying full price and receiving free shipping. That choice is completely up to you. 
  •  FREE SHIPPING OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ANY BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE ORDER OVER $200. With the % off discount, you will be responsible for the shipping. NO EXCEPTION. 
  • ORDERS CANNOT BE CHANGED AFTER THE NOTIFICATION OF PROCESSING. Once your order is being processed, that order is being prepared to be shipped to you. 
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PLACE THE CORRECT ADDRESS ON ALL ORDERS FOR SHIPMENT ACCURACY. All customers are responsible to make sure all addresses are recorded accurately. For all orders that are returned to our facility, the customer will be responsible for all shipping fees to have the order reshipped. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • PLEASE BE PATIENT. We absolutely love our customers and value your order with our online store. After Black Friday, we are asking you to be patient and know that we will never withhold your product and are making sure you're able to receive your order in a timely fashion and with accuracy. 
  • If you don't receive your package after 30 days after the shipping date, you are eligible for a full refund.